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TV and Satellite dishes installation, maintenance, multi room TV, communal building Satellite and Sky dish installation, commercial and residential properties, satellite dish alignment, TV wall mounting service, IRS systems planned & installed How to become a proud owner of many interesting channels on your TV - these questions are given by those who for the first time faced with a satellite TV. In fact, no big deal, you just decide to select the channel list that you want to see on your TV.


After this, you will need to install an antenna for receiving a signal decoder, pay monthly service via sky card, and all - you can enjoy viewing the selected TV channels from all over the world. Our trained engineers has a years of experience in the supply and installation of TV and Satellite dishes installation, maintenance, multi room TV, communal building Satellite and Sky dish installation for commercial and residential properties in London and everywhere around London.


Let us consider what types of antennas exist and what settings let you watch TV in the London region, without interference. Also a good solution is planning and installing a IRS systems.

To take quality channels from these ranges, it is required to install and to configure the appropriate characteristics of the antenna.



For an excellent picture and sound make the installation and configuration of indoor signal amplifiers. Feature of digital broadcasting - its functionality is not affected by the weather (rain and wind), the picture qualities when performed correctly install and configure your satellite dish or DTV-antenna will always wonderful. The second option - analogue television - has long been obsolete and gradually receding into the past, as well as analog antenna. TV wall mounting service As flat TVs do not have bulky cathode-ray tube, they can be mounted on a wall like a picture.


Also, you can use TV stands that hide the cables. There are different types of systems for installation - for example, fixed and adjustable, so first you need to decide which type you want to use. Prefer to avoid the use of unsightly cable channel? Then consider installing a false wall on which to mount your flat screen TV. If you build a false wall panels mounted on a frame of wooden slats, you can use the space behind it for cables. Another option is to spend the cables behind the TV, if the distribution in your home permits.


Our highly qualified specialists will quickly and efficiently carry out these services in convenient time for you, everywhere in London.



We are specialists in Communal Aerial and Satellite and IRS System installations.


There are a few main types of communal systems for aerial and satellite reception.

  - IRS / Integrated Receiving systems /, the most common system for flats, housing estates, office buildings where only one dish and aerial is required for the whole building. The IRS will distribute services such as Sky Digital, Freeview or digital radio to a range of viewing locations simultaneously via a single cable.

  - DTT / digital terrestrial TV /, is for digital TV aerial signal only and no satellite signal will be received.

  - FIRS / fibre-optic systems /, these systems can do almost everything, very similar to IRS systems and great where large buildings and premises are involved.




Our specialists will be able to install commercial & communal aerial and satellite systems according to your requirements and specification:

 - Survey - we will arrange a convenient time to survey your premises, confirm your needs and propose the best solutions. This is to make sure you get the right system. We will plan carefully to make sure that signal levels are maintained throughout your building, and we will use the latest testing equipment and guidelines when we design and commission a communal TV system London for you.

 - Supply - our product s catalogue and supply list will help you make a confident choice between large selection of quality products and low prices.

 - Install - after confirming an installation date, our team will complete the job and test all equipment and services.

 - Maintain- we do offer a professional maintenance service to all our clients on a regular or emergency basis.


European Satellites- we have been providing this type of service for many years and have knowledge of all type of systems. Single or a large, multi-box systems we can deliver the best services from Satellites like Hot Bird, Astra, Arab Sat, Turk sat or any other provider.





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