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CCTV installation, maintenance, commercial and residential clients, mobile application, access from anywhere in the world Modern technologies allow organizing the control of the object quickly, in a convenient form, and with little expense thanks to wide range of CCTV services and products everywhere in London. Let's see how this happens by implementing a CCTV installation for commercial and residential clients, using a mobile applications for access from anywhere in the world, not only around London.


Using the remote monitoring service, you will get the following benefits for your business in London:

● Convenient video surveillance from anywhere, anytime. You can monitor the situation at the facility through a mobile application or through a personal account from your PC or mobile.

● Save time and money. If you have remote video surveillance necessarily spend time on the road to remote sites or departments that require a visual assessment of the work. Dramatically reduced travel costs, including, and air travel. An application option of the local video from the workplace guard reduces the number of security personnel at the site, and save the budget.

● Improving business manageability. Any sent to you "on paper" reports you can immediately check on the correctness of the "own eyes" and to take the necessary decisions.

● Prevention of emergency. In addition, the video that is transmitted to the monitor guard responsible employee can receive instant notification by e-mail, when the camera was turned off or an unknown party is a movement in the area of video surveillance (which was not supposed to be people or machines at this time).

● The effect of presence. Invisible control head, which may at any time assess the situation at the site, discipline employees. Increased employee productivity and reduced risk of inappropriate behavior.

● Scalable video surveillance system. If you want to increase the area of monitoring or improve the control during the night it is enough to supplement the system by adding cameras or installing more CCTV Cameras with Night Vision and expanded the scope of the video archive. For the system to easily connect additional new facilities.






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