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Access Control


Our trained engineers perform the design and installation of access control systems in London on various objects, including communal buildings. To put it technically, access control systems are a certain set of institutional arrangements and technical means by which problems are solved by access control and management of certain facilities, as well as control the movement of people is carried out on the project, equipped with ACS. For each client our company generates its own set of devices (classification systems, access control, Paxton Access), taking into account the architectural features of the building, which is necessary. This allows for optimal and smooth operation of the whole system of access control to provide Residential and commercial premises, visitor Management.


The Paxton Access control system is multifunctional, allowing you to perform the following tasks: 

●  implementation of safety at the facility;

●  directly control access to the protected area;

●  control of movement of personnel in the facility;

●  time tracking of personnel;

●  fixing the delays;

●  protection against unauthorized actions on the object;

●  protection of life and health of people and their property.



The access control system consists of the following components: Controller - the main component of the system, the control electromagnetic locks; Reader - reads the information from the electronic switches; Identifier - a magnetic card, an electronic key, etc., allowing access to the passage of the territory. If necessary, set the server access control (allows you to keep a record of attendance, displaying records of attendance, forced to control actuators, set the time schedule of access to premises, output to the monitor the protection of the owner of the photo ID, the ID of the owner to block access to certain areas). Installation of access control in London area More often Access control systems are used for expanding your business security or guarantee the safety in offices of large and small businesses, on the entrance of the plant, in the car parks, schools and hotels everywhere in London. However, their benefits evaluated and owners of apartments and private homes. To restrict access to the floor in the elevator hall in the premises set standalone access control - simple and affordable. These systems allow you to control the actuators. For each access control is possible a unique set of actuators. ACS can include actuator as one or several.






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